A Motivation Monday Memory!

I am kicking off the week with a memory from this exact day a few years ago when I was a guest on the This Is It TV show LIVE in Philadelphia to discuss my entrepreneurial journey and my patented product invention: RestoPresto. Because the interview was unscripted it was completely authentic and since Cheldin is an incredible interviewer and has great energy, it just flowed AND was fun! 

The theme of all of this isn’t really about the interview but how I got there and it’s pretty simple: take full advantage of opportunities to attend meetings and conferences with like-minded people. You will undoubtedly acquire new contacts, knowledge and opportunities.  This really applies to your professional life and your personal life, particularly as we emerge from a very difficult year and a half.  We need connections with people who share our interests.

With respect to “how I got there”: in the early days of being a business owner, I was quite overwhelmed with how to navigate the zillions of things I needed to do to launch my product invention. I truly needed guidance from people I trust (I still do). I didn’t really understand the importance of building a brand and certainly did not consider myself an entrepreneur so I took a leap and decided to attend a special weekend-long seminar for entrepreneurs, specifically focused on amplifying our brands. The 2 days of speakers and networking flew by. I learned so much and I am still in close contact with many people I met that weekend including Cheldin Barlatt Rumer who is one of my cherished associates. I now serve on the advisory board of Cheldin’s network, which is pretty awesome. 

So long story short (too late, I know): I have written about the importance of having a solid group of trusted advisors in life and how being open to attend events that may seem “too advanced” for your current status can be a game changer. Click here for the blog post, which also includes a link to the interview: https://candiobrentz.com/live-tv-tuesday-thoughts-tips/



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