A year ago today, my product was featured on The TODAY SHOW!

A year ago today, my heart was pounding as I watched my beloved product invention RestoPresto featured on The Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda.

I was standing on the plaza at Rockefeller Plaza, peering through the studio windows when the show went LIVE and the set took my breath away: Kathie Lee was sitting next to a display of RestoPresto pouches and Hoda had an open red RestoPresto on her lap…be still my pounding heart!

HOW did I get RestoPresto featured on The Today Show you may be asking yourself? Well, it was an amazing process that I happily share, particularly with my private clients to help them with tips on getting press when your fantastic emerging brand and small business are on a tight PR budget, so the quick story is that Steve Greenberg (aka The Innovation Insider) chose RestoPresto for his Tailgating Gadgets segment. BAM!

It was and still is fantastic to me that I accomplished a national TV spot for my product that I created from scratch. If you have invented a product, launched a service or run a business, then you know how important it is to get press and exposure. When something that you have worked on around the clock and put blood, sweat and tears into is validated for being awesome, it is indescribable. Honestly, this feature was surreal and I cherish those moments on the Plaza, getting a sneak peak at the studio set after the show, collaborating with a pro like Steve, watching the traffic soar on my e-commerce store during and after the show and of course, getting the sales alerts from new customers who learned about RestoPresto via Kathie Lee and Hoda.

So today, I celebrate the excitement of the achievement of scoring NATIONAL exposure for RestoPresto a year ago today!

Here is a link to The Today Show clip! Candi Obrentz’s invention was featured on Kathie Lee and Hoda!


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