The only silly question is the question not asked!


Countless times, people have approached me verbally and via email with, “this is a stupid question but…” or “I have a silly question for you, what is a ____?”

To me the ONLY silly question is the question NOT asked. We are human, it is impossible to know everything and let’s be honest there is a limit to what can be answered by a search engine.

This is why I encourage inquiries! You may be stumped on something about your invention idea that I can answer in a nanosecond: how do you create a prototype? When should I retain an attorney? What is the difference between a trademark and a patent? Is Kickstarter right for my funding needs? How did you get RestoPresto featured on The Today Show? and on and on. That said, you may have a question that requires me to do research in order to answer properly. This is what I mean by collaboration. Either way, the point is that questions are welcome and you should be proud of yourself for having them. This means that you are taking steps to move your project forward…this is HUGE!

Contact me! I look forward to hearing from you!


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