Live TV, Tuesday thoughts & tips!

My Tuesday thoughts and Tuesday tips today are ALL related to things that I said during my live interview on the show “This Is It With Cheldin Barlatt Rumer” exactly a year ago today!

Cheldin’s interview was unscripted, authentic and flowed because of her positive energy and genuine interest in people who “scream their dreams”. Cheldin uses storytelling to introduce her viewers to people, places and brands.

I met Cheldin at a special event for innovators in Manhattan and was instantly drawn to her so being featured on “This is It” in Philadelphia almost a year later was an honor. The goal was to share my entrepreneurial journey and how RestoPresto came to be. We achieved this, however, what I did not expect from myself was the impromptu outpouring of gratitude for the people who helped me during my journey.  I found myself naming names of the special folks: family, friends and consultants who played integral roles in helping me accelerate RestoPresto from a simple sketch to a tangible patented product on the market.

So the one-year anniversary of my interview with Cheldin coupled with the fact that I now officially advise innovators on how to navigate the creation process has prompted this post because it takes a village of trustworthy advisors to bring a product to market.

Do you have an idea for a product or service and are not sure where to begin? Are you stuck with what to do next? Do you have a vision for an invention and do not know who to trust for advice? I have been there and done that. Contact me and we will confidentially chat to see if we should work together. I offer customized guidance for people who want to move their ideas, at any stage, forward!

My gifts to you today: my tips on how to form a group of trusted advisors AND a link to my interview with Cheldin. I suggest watching the entire show (of course) because 2 other fab creators are featured so if you are pressed for time, go to the 22:47 minute mark to see my segment.

Click here for > 3 tips on forming a group of trusted advisors

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