Forming a group of trusted advisors is tough. Here are 3 tips to make it easier!

Before I launched RestoPresto to the market via a Kickstarter campaign, I engaged a small number of people during the challenging creation process to help me. I kept RestoPresto a secret because I wanted to be first to market and to protect my intellectual property (note: mission accomplished).

One of my first calls for guidance, when I formed my Company and took the leap to invent a product from scratch, was to my dear childhood loyal friend, Amy L.  I wanted advice on certain topics from someone I trust implicitly who I know has my best interest at heart (note: mission accomplished).

Having kept RestoPresto a secret, I wanted there to be a true launch celebration in real life and virtually on social media for my friends and network. However organizing an event when I was working around the clock to finalize the prototype and put hundreds of pieces of the puzzle in motion was simply not in the cards. When Amy offered to organize and host a REVEAL PARTY at which I would introduce RestoPresto and kick off Kickstarter, I jumped for joy and said yes. I was relieved and grateful that I could comfortably allow someone else to take over the reins (which is hard to do for some of us who are used to being that organizer)!

Surrounding myself with positive, encouraging and helpful people who I trust was, is and will continue to be paramount in all aspects of my professional and personal life.

For those of you on an innovative journey of any kind, I urge you to surround yourself with a small knowledgeable circle of trusted advisors.

This is not always easy to do, so here are my 3 tips that will make forming this important group a bit easier for you:

  1. Tap into your inner circle first. Take a step back to view who you rely on and trust in your life. People who you would comfortable share your product or service idea. Assess who has the skills that you need (i.e. an attorney to help with contracts; a Financial Advisor or CPA to guide you on how best to protect your personal assets in business; someone to give you honest feedback on your idea)
  2. Expand to your existing network to fill in the gaps for specialists that you may need. Finding people who possess the “been there done that” experience that relates to your project will be invaluable to you. Dive into your “Rolodex”, contact list and scroll social media (Linkedin, Facebook…all of it)!
  3.  If you still have gaps to fill as you form the trusted adviser group that you specifically need, seek a connector who can source her/his own vast network and provide personal introductions. For example, you are looking for a prototype maker to create a working sample of your product idea and do not know how to seek this specialist. You would engage me to collaborate and confidentially assess your project in order to provide a customized plan and hand deliver referrals to you.

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Possessing a “circle of trust” is a powerful asset as you build your product or service. DISCLAIMER: This does not always occur overnight and the members of your group may be different over time as your business needs change.

If you would like access to my expertise and need assistance navigating the challenging creation process, at any stage, contact me. Let’s see if we should work together. If I do not have the tools to assist you, I will do my best to point you towards someone who does.

“Together we create” is more than a motto, it’s my mission.