You have an invention idea & wonder “what on earth do I do now”?


YOU have an invention idea and may be wondering, “what on earth do I do now”? Well, you are not alone. Navigating the creation process is challenging so why go solo?

You have a vision for a product or service. I have personally experienced that exciting moment when a unique idea strikes you. I also understand the overwhelming feeling of not knowing what to do next and having questions that cannot be answered by a search engine.

You want customized guidance from an experienced advisor. I know firsthand how to successfully turn an idea into a working product. I apply my inventor experience, from ideation to launch, coupled with my 20+ years of working in corporate America to create personalized solutions to accelerate my private client’s projects. I am an ethical and enthusiastic leader who can help you.

Together we create is more than a motto, it’s my mission!

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I have an invention idea….what on earth do I do now? Work with Candi!


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