Take these 2 steps to “kick off” your plan on Motivation & Inspiration Day!

Did you know that today is officially National Motivation & Inspiration Day? Founded by Kevin L. McCrudden, on December 18, 2001, the United States Congress declared January 2nd as this day!

One of Mr. McCrudden’s mottos is “Take action to make things happen!” with which I wholeheartedly agree. To celebrate the new year and in honor of Motivation and Inspiration Day, I am sharing with you my 2018 MOTTO:

“New year, forward steer”!

Do you have an idea for a product or service? Are you unsure how to take the first step or move forward? Your idea deserves to be brought to life so please give yourself permission to take action. Follow my 2 simple, effective steps to kick off the creation process (these can pretty much be applied to kicking anything off)!  Only 2? Yes, only 2!  Once you finish #1 and start working on #2, you will be on your merry way.

STEP ONE: Write down your goals.
Yes, you have a heard this a million times. You know why? Because it works. You do not need to write a novel or create a storyboard (not yet at least) however you do need to write down the details of your idea and your ultimate goal.

STEP TWO: Surround yourself with experts to help you develop & execute your plan.
The importance of getting assistance from positive people who specialize in what you need is paramount. Whether it’s an accountant, lawyer, graphic designer, PR guru or idea execution strategist (like me), I urge you to surround yourself with a small, powerful group of trusted advisors. This can be easier said than done so click on the hyperlink for my suggested pecking order on how to form a group of trusted advisors. 

If you need guidance or brainstorming with a an experienced and trustworthy advisor, contact me. THIS is what I do. I am an Idea Execution Strategist who helps people navigate the creation process, at any stage, across industries. I am here for you! Message me for a consultation at candi@candiobrentz.com

Happy National Motivation & Inspiration Day and don’t forget: NEW YEAR, FORWARD STEER!

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