Kickstarter Launch Anniversary!

I launched RestoPresto to the market the same day that I launched my Kickstarter campaign and

I received this shortly after I submitted my RestoPresto crowdfunding project to Kickstarter for review.

The months leading up to this day were consumed with finalizing the RestoPresto prototype, securing my intellectual property, graphic designs, a VIDEO shoot, creating a landing page on Shopify, picking fonts, colors, images, choosing an email marketing platform then building an email marketing list, figuring out what rewards to offer given that I only had one product in multiple colors, ordering “RestoPresto” promotional products, establishing a social media presence, admin galore and so much more.

What did not fit into my schedule was planning the launch celebration that I envisioned. Enter my superstar of a friend Amy who planned and hosted a fantastic REVEAL PARTY in my hometown of St. Pete, Florida. I was so nervous demonstrating RestoPresto to everyone there – it was the first time I was showing the product in public (aside from during focus groups, of course). Fortunately, the positive energy and support in the room outshone my exhaustion.

My Kickstarter goal was $20,000 and I hit that goal by the 2nd week of my 4-week campaign. WOW! It was a mind-blowing (& such a relief)! I maintain notes on what worked and what did not, which I share with people who are considering crowdfunding as an option for their own projects. Strategic preparation and team collaboration to execute a campaign are essential!

Don’t forget to contact me if you are creating or launching a product or service, at any stage, and need to brainstorm with someone who has “been there and done that” successfully. THAT is what my advisory business is all about!

Happy KICKSTARTER Anniversary to my beloved product invention, RestoPresto AND me!

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