The first official “Work With Candi” newsletter is OUT (+ tips)!

In case you are not a part of the subscription list (or have not read this email that I sent last night…I know how busy you are), here is a link to my FIRST official newsletter for Work with Candi Obrentz that introduces the details of the advisory services that I offer to people who need help navigating the creation process for their product and service ideas.

It’s the “why” “how” “who” & “where” of my biz! Oh and there are tips for all (even if you don’t have an invention idea). SPOILER ALERT: Don’t wait until January to start working on your new year’s resolutions….JUMPSTART IT NOW – there is no time like the present to get ahead on achieving your goals. You deserve feeling accomplished! If you have an idea swimming around in your head, it deserves attention and a chance to be brought to life!

If you wish to subscribe to my newsletter, hop over to the home page & scroll to the bottom “STAY IN TOUCH” section to enter your email address or email me: My goal is to inform, evoke inspiration & smiles and hopefully engage rather than inundate your inbox. Quality OVER quantity.

I am PSYCHED to be sharing all of this with you and as I state in the newsletter, I run the business and I call the shots so I have the discretion to be flexible and personalize my services to meet the needs of my clients….ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL when creating. Hit me up with questions, to schedule a consultation or to skip all of it and get cracking to WORK WITH ME (I have package options)!

Don’t be a stranger!

xo, Candi






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