Go the extra mile…it’s never crowded!

For years, even before I was a business owner, I have understood the power of personalization and thoughtfulness with respect to customer service.  

My recent 50th birthday trip to Italy was chock full of lovely customer experiences that are perfect examples of this. 

From the handwritten note and gift box given to me by the KLM Airlines crew on one of my flights to welcome notes and libations waiting for me in my hotel rooms to an impromptu “happy birthday” candle in my dessert plus singing (in English)….each of these simple actions makes a huge impact.

Going that “extra mile” with customers is a win-win!  I mean who doesn’t want to feel special? I challenge you to up the ante (professionally or personally or both) by doing something today to make someone feel appreciated.

The time invested in making a positive connection is a worthy investment.



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