SIRIOUSLY…tune in at 9 PM on Tuesday, June 4th!

In September 2016, my product invention RestoPresto was featured on The Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda.  I was watching all of the action through the huge windows from the plaza and thought that my heart would explode out of my chest with excitement and pride!

After the segment there was a bunch of people congregating around Kathie Lee and Hoda and then a commotion ensued. I saw someone jump up and….well, to find out what the commotion was, why the hashtag #DerekGoBoom was created and how Hoda serendipitously brought Randy Jones and me together, you have to tune into our LIVE chat on Twitter and Facebook on Tuesday, June 4th at 9 pm.  We will share our story, how important it is to pay attention to the opportunities that are all around you and I will dish about my businesses.

Jones.Show will be LIVE via a new interactive video platform called GetVokl featuring my new friends: Susan C. Bennett, the Original Voice of Siri (OMG!), Alex Riesenkampff, CEO of GetVokl and….ME!

Broadcasted live on Twitter via @SiriouslySusan and on Facebook via Randall Kenneth Jones or please join us at 9 pm via this link: Jones.Show Live on June 4 !


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