To publish or not to publish…THAT is the question!

Throwing it back to when the announcement of my LLC formation was in the New York Observer (now defunct newspaper)!

Believe it or not this milestone “press” was actually a necessity. There is a “Limited Liability Company Law” in the state of New York that if you form an LLC you are required to publish its formation in TWO publications!

The actual requirements are very specific and can be be costly, so some LLC owners choose to ignore this despite the possible consequence of having a suspended ability to do business in NY.

Obviously I was compliant with this law when I formed CEO Enterprises, LLC however, I have yet to find what the negative consequences are for ignoring it.  That said, I err on the side of caution with respect to proactively managing compliance to avoid administrative surprises so that I can focus on why I launched my biz in the first place!

I strongly suggest to anyone who is considering the formation of a company, in any state, to ensure that you are familiar with all of the requirements – particularly the less obvious ones for maintaining a compliant business. Engage the experts: lawyers, accountants and the specialists who can educate and empower you with the correct information that you need to succeed.

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