The joy of an endorsement!

Constructive feedback is one of my favorite tools. I utilize it to open my mind to another’s perspective to help formulate my plan to increase the effectiveness of the work that I am doing. During my corporate career, particularly when I was given new responsibilities, receiving information that would assist my success was always helpful. In my entrepreneurial world, I dove deeply into the unknown when forming a company and creating a product from scratch for the first time so feedback was critical to my progress. Focus groups that tested all aspects of RestoPresto provided me with the real life feelings and thinking of consumers about my invention. Tapping into my tight group of trusted advisors for periodic reality checks and to gain guidance and opinions continues to be an invaluable resource. These types of feedback, like the focus group or a meeting with an advisor, tend to be elicited and scheduled. When an unprompted testimonial graces my presence, it is a gift.

Once my customers got their hands on their own RestoPresto wearable blankets, the comments and photos started coming in….unprompted! Of course, I did encourage people to answer my “Where do you RestoPresto”? questions that I posed on social media and in email marketing but let’s be honest: there are only 24 hours in one day and sending feedback takes time. Each and every comment and photo has been meaningful, helpful and validating.

With my advisory business, I help people who have invention ideas effectively navigate the creation process (which is most likely challenging). I know firsthand how to successfully turn an idea into a working product and I understand that there are some things that simply cannot be answered by a search engine and that a human experience is needed. Applying my knowledge to create personalized solutions to accelerate people’s projects was a logical step in my career. However, I did not anticipate how gratifying it would feel to actually do it.

ENTER: the FEEDBACK! Since I offer a complimentary consultation before I officially engage in a working relationship with my clients, there are some people with whom I have only spoken once because I either did not feel that I was the right person to help him/her or what the person needed was not my area of expertise. Transparency all the way! Anyway, some of these folks have given me incredible feedback that I provided clarity, a macro perspective and connected the dots for them in a way that will aid in their decision making for their businesses. HOORAY: mission accomplished!

THEN, I receive an endorsement like this, on social media, from my client who I am honored to be helping to bring her patent pending innovative product ‘SectAway to market. It’s a unique botanical mosquito repellent system that unites function and fashion.  It’s awesome and so is my client. She put her trust and faith in my expertise and guidance, which I cherish and do not take for granted.

If you are fortunate enough to have clients or colleagues sing your praises, savor it and don’t be shy to share it….there is no shame in spreading the message about how terrific you are!


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