launchpad2x + my story of RestoPresto from concept to consumer in Atlanta!

I am very honored that launchpad2X, the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Atlanta, invited me to be a speaker on their esteemed panel discussing “Concept to Consumer: Keys to Bringing our Product to Market”. I will be discussing how I came up with the RestoPresto​ concept, prototyping, my overfunded Kickstarter campaign, obtaining a Trademark, being granted a patent, how I launched it to the market, e-commerce and everything in-between!

If you are in the Atlanta area and are interested in attending the event on the morning of 4/13! Tickets are open to the public as well! CLICK ON THIS HYPERLINK 

PS: Check out the other speakers on the panel like Tiffany Krumins who will be enlightening us with her story of her Shark Tank funded invention Ava the Elephant®!


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