Happy 165th Birthday to Central Park!

Central Park is more than just an urban oasis to me, as a New Yorker.  It is the place that I got my solid idea to create RestoPresto.  I say solid because I always wanted an easily portable multi-functional extra layer however THAT serendipitous day in the park, my vision for RestoPresto became legit!

Back to the story: I made an impromptu visit to Central Park on a beautiful day without a blanket or towel so I sat on my jacket, which became damp and grass stained (yuk!).  Yes, I had WET BUTT! This uncomfortable situation led me to conduct an extensive search for a portable and versatile product to have readily available for the next planned or spontaneous occasion. When I realized that a compact item like this was not available on the market…I created it myself.

So PRESTO: RestoPresto was born, launched to the market via a successful Kickstarter campaign, patented and enjoyed by tons of people who need to be READY FOR ANYTHING! Now, I also help people bring their product ideas to life. I work as an idea execution strategist with smart folks who have ideas and need guidance navigating the creation process!

So, I thank Central Park for the inspiration and for being a gorgeous part of my life.

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